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The one that nearly made me commit suicide was a game between Man City and Leicester on December, 2015. Mancity odd was 1.1 to win or draw Leicester at home.

I played it with my last card, just to get small money to travel and celebrate New Year with my people. Do you know that Mancity lost that game and I lost every single money I had.

Not just that, i also lost the money i borrowed from some friends, beacuse i wanted to play small odd with big money.

That was the day i hit rock bottom.

I really wanted to die that day.

I desperately started searching for a reliable way to make money from these betting companies.

I searched for more than 3 year. I paid over N500,000 to different people who give me games but each time, their games flop.

Read to the end to see what you have to do to start making money like me.

In the 6months that I have been using this Tipster, I have made 2.3million Naira. And I only started with 10,000naira.

Until I discover this secret Expert that I use now. This professional tipster has been delivering huge profit for the past 6months that I have been using him. And I pay him heavily.

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Do you know what it cost me to find this solution?

  • 4years of my life

  • Over 1Million Naira Lost to bet9ja

  • $1500 (550k Naira) Paid to Mark the Tipster

That’s a total of over One Million, Five hundred thousand naira ( N1,500,000) plus over 3 years of my life.

With this Football Millionaire club, it is so easy to make money.
Everyday all you do is

1)check your mail
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That is why I want you to Join our Football Millionaire's club (FMC) just for a token.

I know that you will not like to suffer like I have suffered , you do not want to hide from your friends because you are broke or owing them.

You do not want to waste 4years trying to find a solution that may or may not work.

When you join right now, you will get access to

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The best thing about this FMC VIP club is that it is so easy to use that if you can read this,  you can do it.

You do not need a single skill.

You do not need to know anything about football or betting.

The simply thing is to follow the ABC steps I will show you, and you are 100% sure of over N100,000-N500,000 every month.

Imagine this is December 2019 and against all odds, you travel home for Christmas.

Your Mates and Friends are complaining that things are hard and that they didn’t make it this year.

Some of them even refuse to come home for Christmas because they don’t have money to spend for Christmas.

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YOU JUST FOLLOW STEP BY STEP easy instructions below

Dont you want to be this person?

Who am I and Why should you listen to me?

My name is Chris. Some of you already know me, Am a Serial enterpreneur, The Founder & CEO of Green Resources and co., Business coach and online business tycoon.

I have been into football betting for over 5years and  online business for over 7years and I have learnt what works and what does not work.

I have failed several times, and those failures helped me to crack this Secret code to Millions in Betting..

My passion is to help people make money fast and also avoid the mistakes i made before i made it online.

 The difference between me and other "scamming tipsters" is that i dont claim to be an expert tipster.

i just discovered an expert tipster{who charges over 500k for his tips} and am sharing his tips with people who are interested in making money but cannot afford to pay 500k for solid tips.

I have been dealing with the man for over 6months and he has always delivered.

So when you join me in the FM club you are guaranteed 100% success because I hold our members by the hand until they succeed.

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"I was really afraid of Paying ₦10,000 per month to Chris and his company but honestly it was worth it. I was able to make ₦230,000 in just the first month and I have been in the FM VIP club for 3months now."

Emeka from Yaba

"I have lost a lot of money to bookies, and also lost so much to tipsters that promised me sure games and fixed games so I was really afraid to try Chris especially since he does not allow any FREE TRIALS.

But Chris is different, first he told us that he will not win all games , but that we can expect to win at least 20games in a month.

Then he now introduced the RO1 strategy which increases the money we are supposed to win to three times more.

Thanks Chris, I will continue to subscribe to FM VIP club and tell my friends about you. Did I forget to say that I have made over ₦1,000,000 in less than 4months? Yes you heard that."

Yusuf from Illorin

"I just joined in May, 10th and i did not know anything about football betting before then. I have been able to make over 200k. Thanks Chris, am grateful. And i would recommend everyone to join. Just follow Chrsi's instructions and you must make money."

Ade from Abuja

And Many more.......

Here’s what you get when you get when you join FM VIPclub

  1. The ABC method of making 100k-500kNaira every month from bet9ja.
  2. Winning 2-10odds every day from our American expert Mark.
  3. Insider Secret method to distribute your money so that you can achieve our 2Million Naira Target.
  4. The simplest way you can start Betting even if you have Zero naira today and make over 2Million Naira before 5months.
  5. The Supercharge secret that can catapult you from 2Million Naira to 10Milion per month in 6months.
  6. Why nobody(except 5 of my first students) is doing this now and why you should rush now and be among the first people to milk this fat cow before everybody joins the queue.

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  • You join the Last Batch of 50persons that we will accept into the Exclusive millionaire Betting Club this month
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So you already know everything am giving you is worth at least N50,000 per month

But you are never going to pay anything near that price

All you are going to pay in order to make over 100,000naira-500,000naira per month is a small investment of 9,999 monthly.

If you don’t join the FM VIP club today,

you will have to spend the over 4years I have spent to perfect this system.

You will have to face all the trials, failures, lost money, sleepless nights and heartbreaks I faced.

That is an experience you will hate, I assure you. It will feel like your soul was ripped out of your body and shattered into pieces.

I barely managed to survive it because I was lucky. Will you be as lucky as I was? Maybe you can try and find out for yourself.

But why would you go through all that pain to find out, when you can just buy my experience for cheap.

I have made all the mistakes, gone through all the failures, and discovered what works and what doesn’t work, so you don’t have to.

And Listen and think about it

What am asking you to pay is not even up to the amount you spend to buy a 2nd hand Android Phone, or the amount you spend on your girl for just a weekend she visited you.

But all these stuffs, take money away from your pocket and they don’t bring back anything.

Instead of those, Join FM VIP club and it will change your life, It will give you far more money to spend on these things than you will ever need.

So let me end Now.

If you are serious and want to make N100,000-N500,000 every month

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I want you to experience the incredible joy /power/ freedom/pleasure/fulfillment and Happiness that comes from making good money without losing money.

And I have put myself out there and bear the risk on your behalf, so that you can at least try it out with Zero risk. I will gladly do just that.

All you have to do is follow the instruction below and choose a payment option to pay.

Just below you will see two options you can use to join the FMC club

Option One

Pay with Your ATM card

Option Two

Pay in the bank

Bank Name: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Green Resources and co.
Account no: 0032360153
Amount: 9,999naira

I want you to pay with Option One, and here’s why. Because it gives you instant access to the FMC VIP group.

That means that in the next 24hrs, you could start making your money and recover the money you paid if you pay with your ATM card.

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If you will like to go to the bank and stand in the queue for 2hours, thats ok too. Take this account no.

Bank Name: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Green Resources and co.
Account no: 0032360153
Amount : 9,999naira

You can also do mobile transfer or Atm transfer.

After payment, send your Name + email address + teller number + phone number to 08099345642.

Once we verify your payment, you will be added to the FMC VIP clup immediately.

Now You really Have just Two Different options…

Leading to two different lives.


I am guessing you don’t want that, which is why you really consider taking Option Two.

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PS _ My Father always say  “ The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again when it does not work. So if you keep doing what you are doing now, you will still be in the same place next year

“Remember its only N9,999 to Join The Millionaire's Club That will MAKE you to make N2Million  in 5months. You simply follow step by step instructions in the club, and you will be making 2Million Naira in 5months.

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4 Years ago I started football betting, At first I won few bets, the first was about 25,000 Naira and the second was about 12,500 Naira. I was extremely happy but soon I started loosing all my bets. It was like someone was watching me from a mirror from ijebu ode, so that any game I play, one or two games must cut the ticket.

Option One is to leave this Page and not join the Millioniare club to make over 2Million Naira in 5month.

If you choose this route, that means you have already accepted what will happen if you do this.

You will remain Poor and Broke, losing the little money you have to betting companies.

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